Peace Lutheran Church of Waterford 7390 Elizabeth Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48327
Phone: 248-681-9360

Our Church History

On Transfiguration Sunday, February 3, 1963, Peace Lutheran Mission
of South Waterford Township was organized. At the end of 1963, the
membership of Peace was 50 communicant and 104 baptized souls. The
Rev. Richard Feucht,   Missionary at Large for our Michigan District was
the first pastor of Peace. He served the congregation from 1962-1967.

The following pastors have also served the congregation:

* Rev. William Wurm 1967 - 1970
* Rev. Darowin Cordes 1970 - 1973
* Rev. Bruce Hanson 1973-1980
* Rev. William Merrell 1980 - 2013
* Rev. Russell Tkac 2013 - Present

Our Church Body

We are members of the Michigan District, Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod. (LCMS)

We are a body of Christians walking together to the honor of the
Triune God, offering the Lord's salvation to fellow sinners who
need our Savior, Jesus.

We are committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus' death
and resurrection to all who will hear. We currently have
congregations throughout the United States of America and
many foreign countries.

We believe the whole Bible to be the pure and true Word of God,
our only authority and guide in matters of faith and life.